Petunias are looking beautiful along with other flowers in an Uckfield garden.

Uckfield lawn suffers again in the dry weather

Dry patches are appearing again in the front lawn that has been causing problems over the years and which we tried to sort in the spring, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.

In June I spoke about its improving condition after some sections were replaced with turf but the dry weather has taken its toll.

Very heavy rain on July 28 seemed to make no difference at all to its state. It rained hard but the surface of the lawn was equally hard and it seems the water ran off without soaking in.

There is a plus side – the lawn hasn’t needed cutting as much because it has hardly grown.

Other jobs in the garden have included regularly watering the flowers. I try to do this in the evening because if done during the day the sun dries the soil much quicker.

The flowers are looking as colourful as ever as you can see in my pictures below.








Unfurling dahlia

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