Uckfield is great, says Newcomer

Uckfield is great

Well, it looks like my first article may have sounded a bit negative about the town so I just want to get something straight, Uckfield is great!

So says Newcomer, an Uckfield News occasional columnist, who continues:

I’ve only been living here for eight months but in that short time I cannot help but be impressed with the spirit of the town and its citizens. Of course, when you mention this to people they say things like “wait until you’ve lived here for a while” etc. but the overall impression I get is that there is a genuine sense of pride about the town, even if it’s just when complaining about the traffic and parking.

From the amazing torchlight procession and carnival (along with what seem like many summer fetes), the various volunteer charity organisations like the Uckfield Lions, Brighter Uckfield and many more, there’s no doubt in my mind there are a lot of people in this town who are not only really decent but also really care.

Reply to Owen Hoy

Well it was good to see such a comprehensive response to my ideas so thanks for that, even if they were all completely negative!

Just to give some perspective, most of the ideas I put forward were just some of my initial thoughts about a potential longer term plan for the town to reduce traffic and pollution.

More importantly I think it would be good to hear from as many Uckfieldians as possible with their ideas to get the discussion going.

Solar Power – Although I think a lot of people may agree with you that the panels can be seen as an eye-sore, I also think a lot of people can see what a positive source of free, green energy they are.

Plus I’m not sure all house roofs in the area are necessarily that pretty, maybe not everyone sees the beauty in them that you do.

Re the cost mentioned on Facebook, they can actually be installed for free by some companies in return for the tariff they produce, with the electric produced still going to the house owner.

If enough home owners got involved there could a great financial benefit to themselves and the town in general, including a potential reduction in Council Tax.

Tesco – It’s possible that some people may pop into Tesco as part of a shopping trip to town but not many from what I’ve witnessed so far, and I’m a regular user of Tesco as I only live five minutes away.

What I’m suggesting is it should be replaced with a smaller “Tesco Express” to cater for people living in walking distance of it, but that a larger store should be built away from the town to try and prevent the traffic it causes. This could be combined with other initiatives to entice people into the town’s shops.

Bell Lane industrial estate access road – This is just a longer term idea that’s not practical at the moment, however  I live across the road from it and my wife has worked there for the last eight months so I have seen quite a lot of traffic issues along Bell Lane and Brookside due to the large lorries that go in and out.

Railway Car Park – You may be right about Network Rail but I don’t think you can just rule out the idea out-of-hand without discussing it with them.

Electric Cars – Whether you like it or not these are the future of this country, in fact by 2040 the government plan is that no petrol or diesel cars will be sold (only 22 years away!). I agree there is still a current issue around the battery range but this will only improve in time, and the more charging points there are the more likely people will be to buy them.

Random fact: in 1967 our country produced more electric vehicles than the rest of the world put together, it’s just a shame the milk float technology from then wasn’t advanced upon.

By the way I actually know someone that has plenty of solar panels and an electric car. Their total house electric, road tax and fuel costs = £0. Now that’s the future!

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