The certificate of land ownership issued to the contact of Uckfield fund-raisers ready to build a new school.

Uckfield fund-raisers buy land for school in Gambia

Uckfield fund-raisers have bought land in Gambia where they plan to build a community school.

Tanya Catt who organised a massive sale at the Cinque Ports Club in town last year is delighted to have secured the land.

She and her husband Tim were inspired to start fund-raising after helping schoolchildren for several years with donations of colouring books, pencils and rubbers.


The signing of a Land Ownership Certificate. Land for a new school has been bought thanks to Uckfield fund-raisers. Now it is full steam ahead to raise more money for the build.

Then they visited a nursery at Sakunta and were shocked by conditions. There was no electricity or running water, and there were holes in the floor.

It was stiflingly hot and children shared a cup to drink water from a bin next to the classroom door.

The couple instantly arranged for electricity and a fan to be installed in the building. A floor was laid and the walls painted.

Later the school was threatened with closure by the landlord who hadn’t received his rent of £1 a child each term and the couple paid £64 in arrears.

They started thinking about a long-term solution to the school problem and learned it would cost about £7,000 to buy a piece of land, and £4,000 to build a school with two classrooms, an office, a toilet, and install electricity and running water.

A year on, they have been able to buy the land for considerably less money than they expected, £4,534, and there is enough money left over to start fencing it.


Land where a new school will be built in Gambia.

Tanya told Uckfield News it was all very exciting and they were keen to start raising more money for the build.

If you would like to help Tanya can be contacted by email at

• Read how Tanya and Tim became involved in fund-raising for the school in Gambia in a previous Uckfield News story here.

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