Uckfield Foodbank volunteers are dealing with increasing numbers of people needing help with feeding their families.

Uckfield Foodbank helps increasing number of desperate people

Uckfield Foodbank volunteers are hearing harrowing stories from an increasing number of people needing help with feeding their families.

But they have been heartened by donations from 23 churches and schools of 1,479.5kg of food following harvest festival services.

Sharon Burt project manager said: “It was incredibly emotional seeing cars with both their boots and back seats full of food arriving at the warehouse. The amount of food donated was the equivalent to 17 large supermarket shopping trolleys.”

She said the donations come at a time when the foodbank is seeing a gradual increase in the numbers of people accessing their service.

During one recent session nine foodbank vouchers were presented, the largest number every presented on any one afternoon. Twelve adults and 12 children were helped that day.

“Our volunteers are hearing some harrowing stories from very desperate people,” said Sharon. “We are hearing of households having their benefits stopped while they are being reassessed. They can wait for up to four weeks or more before money starts coming in again.

“During school holidays families who are already struggling to cope financially find that having no access to free school meals puts them in a very desperate situation. The foodbank is able to help.”

If you are experiencing problems with your income and are finding it difficult to feed your family Uckfield Foodbank can help.

Visit Uckfield Citizens’ Advice Bureau at the bottom of Luxford Car Park, and ask about a foodbank voucher.

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