Uckfield firefighters wore breathing apparatus as they fought a fire on the Manor Park Estate, Uckfield. The roof was destroyed as can be seen in this picture.

Uckfield firefighters in action

House fires at Maresfield and on the Manor Park Estate, Uckfield, were among incidents dealt with locally by Uckfield firefighters in the past fortnight.

They have also provided cover in other parts of Sussex, including, for the first time, Crawley. They were called Haywards Heath and Lewes too, according to watch manager Ian Ritchie.

It was problems with a Virgin Atlantic jet, seen circling around Uckfield at lunchtime on Monday (December 29), that saw a town appliance moved to provide cover in Crawley at 2pm.


An Uckfield fire appliance at Crawley Fire Station where it provided cover during a major alert at Gatwick.

The aeroplane had undercarriage problems and Gatwick airport and West Sussex fire services were put on full alert for a potential major incident. The alert lasted until the plane landed safely after hours circling the airport.

The pilot has since been hailed a hero. See a Mail Online story: Senior Virgin Atlantic pilot hailed a hero for landing undercarriage failure

Mr Ritchie lists incidents attended by Uckfield firefighters in the past fortnight here:

Friday, December 19: An Uckfield crew was sent to Haywards Heath at 11.40am to provide cover in West Sussex before being moved again to cover Lewes.

Monday, December 22: Crews from Uckfield and Crowborough ventilated smoke from a house in High Hurstwood at 5.30pm after a fire in a washing machine.

Tuesday, December 23: Uckfield firerfighters wore breathing apparatus to deal with a fire in a house at Maresfield at 6.25pm after a fire in the electrical intake spread to the roof.

Wednesday, December 24: Fire destroyed the roof of a house on the Manor Park Estate at 11.20pm on Christmas Eve. Crews from Uckfield and Crowborough wore breathing apparatus to enter the building as the fire was fought with foam and jets. Read more in a previous Uckfield News story: Serious fire at Manor Park, Uckfield.

Friday, December 26: A crew from Uckfield dealt with a chimney fire at a house in Chelwood Gate at 4.25pm.

Saturday, December 27: Uckfield firefighters used their hydraulic rescue equipment at 12.30pm to free a calf that had managed to wedge itself in an animal feeder at a farm in Hadlow Down. The animal was released unharmed.

Sunday, December 28: An elderly and confused gentleman was released by firefighters after he became locked in the bathroom of a house on Rocks Park Estate at 11.40am.

Monday, December 29: An Uckfield crew dealt with another chimney fire at a Buxted property at 11am.

The Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet that was seen circling around Uckfield at lunchtime with undercarriage problems put Gatwick airport and West Sussex fire services put on full alert for a potential major incident. A first for Uckfield saw one of their fire appliances moved to provide cover in Crawley at 2pm and a crew from Hove were moved to cover Haywards Heath until the plane had landed safely.

Tuesday, December 30: A shed and fence were damaged by fire at a house on Manor Park at 6.30am. Uckfield firefighters extinguished the fire which was caused by a wood-burning stove in the shed.

Uckfield firefighters have also attended calls to fire alarms sounding in Uckfield, Horam, Framfield, Blackboys, Crowborough and Heathfield.

Home safety visits, designed to raise awareness of safety matters in the home, are always available across the local communities. These visits include the fitting of free smoke alarms where required and are undertaken by firefighters from your local fire station.

For free home safety advice ring 0800 177 7069 or visit Home Safety Visits

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