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Uckfield crime and disorder research

Research into Uckfield crime and disorder is being undertaken by the town council.

At the same time, a study is being made of communities in Sussex and Surrey where Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) have been implemented.

The town council has been working closely with Sussex Police this year, in particular to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Public Space Protection Order

Councillors in the summer agreed reports should be prepared on the possibility of employing a community warden and the implementation of PSPOs, although they were told such orders were not a quick fix and could take more than a year to get in place.

Any order for Uckfield would have to be made by Wealden District Council.

Councillors in September decided they did not wish to employ a community warden at the present time because of limited powers and restrictions on the times of day they could patrol.

Community safety

It was agreed to “continue to work closely with Sussex Police to provide security and safety to the community of Uckfield”.

The council has a university student on work placement who is carrying out the research.

Crime data for Uckfield is being analysed to establish patterns and hotspots.

At the same time, information is being sought from local authorities in neighbouring counties of what evidence they gathered and presented when making a case to a PSPO relating to anti-social behaviour.

What’s a Public Space Protection Order?

The power to impose public space protection orders (PSPOs) was created in 2014.

Councils can use PSPOs to prohibit specified activities, and/or require certain things to be done by people engaged in particular activities, within a defined public area, says the Local Government Association.

An order can last for three years after which it can be renewed, if necessary.

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