Uckfield Civic Centre income on the up

Income from Uckfield Civic Centre is almost £10,000 more than budget, latest figures show.

For this financial year 2015/16 (which finishes at the end of March) income at the end of January was £87,476 against a budget of £77,807.

Costs for the same period, directly allocated to the Civic Centre were (budget in brackets):

  • Publicity – £1,439 (£1,374)
  • Salaries – £65,656 (£86,982)
  • Running costs – £57,883 (£70,480)
  • Repairs and renewals – £3,856 (£7,680)

The Foresters Hall in Harcourt Road also shows a similar picture with income so far this financial year at £14,382 against a budget of £10,999.

Expendiure on the Foresters Hall “complex” was £8,656 at the end of January. Budget is £7,870.

Uckfield Town Council runs the Civic Centre and the Foresters Hall.

The financial update was given to members of the general purposes committee.

The total income for which the committee has responsibility stood at £169,730 at the end of January, against a budget of £154,015. Expenditure was £577,770 (£572,599).

A selection of current spending to the end of January with (budget in brackets):

  • Legal and professional fees – £19,671 (£8,334) – the council has needed legal advice over boundary issues
  • Recruitment advertising – £995 (£0) – the council has recruited a new town clerk. The budget for the whole financial year is £1,000.
  • Festive lights £10,317 (£10,500) – a contribution of £2,000 towards the lights has been made by Uckfield Chamber of Commerce.
  • Members’ allowances – £9,705 (£12,139) – councillors are free to claim or not claim, as they wish.
  • Newsletter (Uckfield Voice) – £4,670 (£3,540) – councillors have acknowledged the increase spending and said spending on these communications would be controlled.

Member of the general purposes committee attending the meeting on Monday, March 7, were:

Chair: Cllr Ian Smith, Independent, Ridgewood
Vice-chair: Cllr Paul Meakin, Liberal Democrat, Central

Cllr James Anderson, Trust Independent, North
Cllr Louise Eastwood, Trust Independent, North
Cllr Keith Everett, Independent, Ridgewood
Cllr Paul Sparks, Liberal Democrat, North
Cllr Diane Ward, Trust Independent, Central


Cllr Jacqueline Beckford, Liberal Democrat, Ridgewood
Cllr Helen Firth, Conservative, Central

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