Uckfield cinema owner voices parking worry in record week

Uckfield cinema owner Kevin Markwick has raised concern about parking in the town centre as three films are attracting record crowds to The Picture House.

Mr Markwick said on Twitter yesterday that something had to be done about commuters hogging Uckfield car park. This was starting to have a negative effect on business and the town would lose out.

“People will stop coming to Uckfield if they can’t park. Disastrous for me, and all business,” tweeted Mr Markwick.

In another tweet Mr Markwick said The Picture House was on the way to setting a record – the first time three films go into five figures in one week. The three popular films are The Iron Lady, War Horse and The Artist.

Uckfield News.com conducted a parking survey in Uckfield last year. Here are links to the results and other stories relating to the survey carried at the time:


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