Lynne Ireland - Uckfield Bonfire and Carnival Society secretary

Uckfield Carnival charity total and fancy dress results

Uckfield Bonfire and Carnival Society has announced the result of its charity collections on Saturday (September 1) and results of its fancy dress competitions.

The society said the street collection raised £3,862.68. This will be distributed later in the year to local charities and good causes.

Volunteers spent much of Sunday counting coins thrown into buckets during the day and at the end of the evening into a blanket which was carried down the High Street.

Lynne Ireland. Bonfire society secretary, thanked  “people from the town, too many to name, for all their help, support and assistance throughout the carnival weekend and before and after the event”.

She added: “It has made us all very happy to see more people than ever in the procession, in the afternoon and evening, and especially all the families out enjoying the carnival.

“Thank you Uckfield for your support and long may it continue.”

Next year’s carnival will be on September 7. 

• Brighter Uckfield, a group of volunteers who work tirelessly to keep the town clean, said ten volunteers were out on the High Street and surrounding areas clearing up after the carnival yesterday.

They collected 60 sacks of litter but said their green bags taped to lamp posts and railings were well used and this year was probably the cleanest the town has been after the carnival.

Carnival 2018 results


Children’s Fancy Dress

Class 1:  Decorated Vehicle

1 Manor Tree
2 HMS Mary Poppins
3 Little Pirate Ship
4 Mermaid

Class 2:  Schools & Youth Groups

1 Harlands School
2 Rocks Park School
3 Manor CP School
4 Uckfield Theatre Guild Youth

Class 3:  Groups of Two or More

1 West Family
2 Disney
3 Chimney Sweeps
4 Greatest Showman

Class 4:  Boys & Girls – 4 and under

1 Robot
2 Rapunzel
3 Woody, Toy Story
4 Pirate

Class 5:  Boys & Girls – 5 to 8 years

1 Knight on Horse
2 Penguin
3 Monsters inc
4 Fairground Horse

Class 6:  Boys & Girls – 9 to 12 years

1 Baker
2 Jester
3 Top Hat
4 Jedi

Class 8:  Members not in Society Costume

1st Tinkerbell

Class 9:  Members in Society Costume

1st Mexican, Tom Holt
2nd Mexican, Chloe Ireland
3rd Mexican – George Holt
4th Mexican, Kathleen Holt

Class 10:  Best Dressed from Classes 1 to 8

1st Robot
2nd West Family
3rd Manor Tree
Joint 4th Tinkerbell
Joint 4th Baker

Adults Fancy Dress Results

Class A:  Gents Fancy Dress

1 Buxted Deer Hunter
2 Red Bather
3 Purple Bather

Class B:  Ladies Fancy Dress

1 Purple Patchwork
2 Phoenix Lady
3 Tudor Lady

Class C:  Groups of Two or More Adults

1 Phoenix Couple
2 Buxted Bonfire
3 Jockeys

Class D:  Gents of UBCS

1 Indian – Jamie Gates
2 Mexican – Neil Harper
3 Paul Holt

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