Uckfield Carnival: a welcome symbol of stability, says Observer

Our independent columnist Observer gets into the swing of carnival.


There’s something very reassuring about Uckfield Carnival, especially in this troubled world within which we now live.

You know that the first Saturday in September will be carnival night – and you can bank on a wonderful spectacle. It is so reassuring.

I didn’t realise the bonfire and carnival society is now 190 years old. That’s a wonderful achievement for the hundreds, probably thousands, of people who have kept this tradition going.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social media will do well to last as long as Uckfield Carnival which has literally marched on through thick and thin.

If you are in town today, please give generously. There will be plenty of collectors.

Money raised goes to local charities, something which is often forgotten.

So, my request, is turn some of those 20p pieces into pound coins when giving, if you are financially able.

Enjoy yourselves.

Uckfield Carnival is a great family event of which this town is justly proud.

Carnival timings

Farewell to gentleman Jim


You may have seen that former town councillor Jim Molesworth-Edwards has died.

He threw his heart and soul into road safety – especially the annual day he helped organise for Uckfield Town Council.

Who knows how many lives he helped save?

It was great public service which, sadly, was never recognised by this country’s honours system.

Like so many before him, and those that will surely follow, Jim missed out.

He didn’t ‘miss out’ in the hearts of Uckfield people and it is great that a road safety award is, at the instigation of the town council, presented in his name.

Jim, like most people, didn’t do things for glory or seeking a honour.

He did it because he believed it was the right thing to do.

There are thousands and thousands of men and women who, like Jim, are overlooked by the nation’s honours system; while others receive the OBE, or better, and have been nothing more than time servers in government departments.

They did their job – just like the rest of us.

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