The storm will disrupt rail services

Uckfield braces as storm approaches

Two inches of rain and exceptionally strong winds are set to batter Uckfield overnight as a major storm hits Britain.

There will be travel disruption tomorrow (Monday) and public services will be affected. Wind speeds in the Uckfield area could reach 70mph when the storm is at its peak.

The Met Office is predicting the strongest winds will be over East Sussex and Kent between 8am and noon tomorrow (Monday). See here

Let us know how you are affected by the storm. Tell us what you see or hear. Send any information to along with any photographs or short videos.

On the trains

Southern, which operates trains on the Uckfield line, will not run tomorrow (Monday) until it has been declared safe to do so.

The company said the extreme high winds expected risked trees and debris falling on to the tracks making it potentially unsafe to run trains.

In a statement the company said: “It is, therefore, highly unlikely that we will run any services before at least 09:00 tomorrow morning and even when we are cleared to run, the first services will be very disjointed given the difficulties in getting trains and their crew to the right locations.

“Along with Network Rail, we have worked hard to make contingency plans, but in the interests of safety, this difficult decision has been made.

“We will, therefore, focus our efforts on providing a service as soon as we can tomorrow morning, but we anticipate that this will be a difficult and disruptive start to the week for our passengers.”

Rubbish collections

Wealden District Council has cancelled all rubbish and recycling collections due tomorrow (Monday).

A council spokesman said: “Please do not put your bins out. We are concerned that wheelie bins blown across the road could cause a hazard to traffic and obstruct emergency services, should they be needed.”

Collections due tomorrow will take place at a later date. The council will make a further announcement.

Wealden expects to provide other services, unless there is severe disruption.

On the roads

East Sussex Road has been dealing today (Sunday) with fallen trees and will have crews working through the night.

It asks drivers to be aware of trees/branches in the road, give people on two wheels plenty of room and to “slow down”.

There are reports of flooding in some areas of the county.

Sussex Roads Police (east) has said: “If you must drive tonight expect the unexpected. Drive on what you can see not what you expect. All sorts of things may be in the road.”

To report a fallen tree, call the police on101 or call 999 in an emergency where there is risk to life or damage to property

Police advice

Sussex Police has issued a “Be Prepared” guide to residents:

  • Make sure any loose objects outside are secured or stored safely.
  • If you have a garage, park vehicles inside if possible. If not, try and park away from trees, fences and walls.
  • Close and lock doors, windows and gates.

If the storm hits:

  • Try and stay indoors.
  • If you go outside, avoid walking close to trees, buildings, walls and fences.
  • Wait until the storm has passed before trying to fix damage.
  • Keep internal doors closed as much as possible.
  • Only drive if your journey is essential.
  • If you do need to drive, take extra care on high road, bridges and other exposed routes.

When the storm has passed:

  • Don’t touch any loose or damaged cables, they may be live.
  • Avoid walking near buildings, trees, walls and fences as they could still collapse or fall.
  • Check on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours, friends and relatives

Power supplies/Flooding

What do if there is a power cut – advice from UK Power Networks here

The number of Flood Alerts (“Be Prepared”) issued by the Environment Agency is rapidly growing this evening but at (8.45pm) there were no alerts for the River Uck.

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