Uckfield-based man’s key role in simulator project

A new simulation projection dome, the result of a long-term collaboration between Uckfield-based Allan Curtis of Design & Display Structures and the Offshore Simulator Centre, was shown at the Nor Shipping exhibition held earlier this month in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

Design & Display Structures designed and manufactured the free-standing, double-skinned dome kit as a compact, crated solution ready for easy shipping worldwide. It is quick to assemble on site and is set to be a big hit in the simulation market.

The simulator shown (above) is for crane operators in the offshore industry but the concept has applications for many industries and the leisure and computer gaming markets too.

OSC software enables complex ‘full mission’ scenarios to be undertaken with operator performance evaluated locally by trainers on site or via a remote monitor connection.  Networking the simulation pods offers exciting team missions on a worldwide location basis.

For example, the transferring of containers between oil/gas rigs and large vessels is a complex task with significant risk attached which demands a number of operatives working together as a tightly organised unit.  Networked pods can simulate that interaction wherever in the world they may be installed.

As a free standing attractive construction that fits conveniently into a typical office space, Allan Curtis believes this product will have many opportunities for use in many other markets where it is expensive to train operatives in a real world setting.

He also believes the concept can be used to deliver people a range of experiences they could never hope to undertake in real life.  He said: “Wouldn’t it be great if these simulator pods appeared in every large shopping or leisure centre allowing people to control a Lunar landing craft working as an individual or engaging in a fun team effort.”

Eventually Allan would like to see the product rolled out to the computer gaming market with hardware optimised to permit ‘plug and play’ content streaming.  The ability to connect with fellow gamers in such a realistic, immersive environment anywhere in the world is an attractive proposition for both end users and operators seeking new revenue streams.

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