Uckfield-based company helps manufacture giant Budweiser light

An Uckfield-based business helped manufacture a 20-foot tall goal light for the American beer company Budweiser.

The model was taken on a tour of the USA and Canada last year finishing up at the North Pole in time for a world hockey tournament. It was designed to light up every time the Canadian hockey team scored a goal.

Canadian hockey fans were also able to have their name engraved on a steel plate as the giant light went on its journey.

Allan Curtis from Design & Display Structures said the company worked with Swarm to manufacture modular GRP cladding panels which, once assembled on a primary steel frame, created the 20-foot tall light.

The GRP mouldings incorporate a particular type of granule to achieve a metallic appearance.

The light was built in man-handleable modular components and underwent a factory trial assembly to check everything would go together neatly and quickly.

Then it was packed in component form to facilitate economical shipping worldwide.

Within the cage-like body structure is an acrylic lens so that once put together on site it would provide a branded beacon of light visible over a long distance.

Budweiser goal light artistic

The giant Budweiser goal light manufactured by an Uckfield-based business.

• Contact details for Design and Display Structures can be found 24/7 in our Uckfield Directory. Look for the name or search in categories for Architectural-themed features, Construction or GRP manufacturer.

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