Uckfield area farmers fight back against thieves

The NFU is urging farmers in the Uckfield area to fit approved GPS tracking devices to all terrain vehicles to aid police in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Quad bikes (All Terrain Vehicles ATVs) and other Rough Terrain Vehicles (RTVs) are among the most stolen items, according to figures from the trade association’s sister company, NFU Mutual.

Rebecca Lingham, from Uckfield NFU Mutual, said tracking devices had proved their worth and help police return stolen vehicles promptly to their rightful owners.

In one of the most recent cases an RTV was stolen from a Sussex sheep farmer but police had recovered it within 12 hours of it being stolen.

The signal from the GPS device allowed officers to find the vehicle in woodland less than a mile away from the farm where it was stolen.

Rebecca, whose office is on the Bellbrook Business Park, added: “I would also advise farmers to join Farmwatch.”

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