Twenty is plenty for the High Street, says Observer

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Good to see the 20mph limit signs going in for Uckfield High Street.

That must be an indication the works are approaching an end, although I have noted that a number of “tidying-up” jobs have been completed as the project has unfolded.

That’s how it should be, but often is not the case.

Some will say doing 20mph down the High Street is impossible with the traffic.

It is, at  some times, but at others drivers bomb down at 40 or more like it is the main straight at a racetrack.

The 20mph limit, along with the wider pavements will make it far more pleasant for shoppers.

Getting across the road in the old High Street was always a lottery for the fit, unless using the crossings.

For the elderly and infirm it could be downright dangerous.

This is all about creating a more welcoming shopping environment and will probably encourage those “going through” to use the by-pass.

For drivers, 20mph means second gear travelling to easily stay within the limit.

I hope the police enforce but I am not holding my breath.

There has been no word also from the council about how parking restrictions in the High Street will be enforced.

We know the police won’t do the job.

It seems as if there is no Plan B.

That’s a free-for-all then with most of the spaces gone by 7am as commuters cotton on to some handy free parking near to the railway station.

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