Tribute to those who brought World War 1 medals ‘home’

Community action triumphs again to Observer’s delight while our independent columnist also reflects of the future use of the former Trading 4U shop.

The purchase of Private Alfred Corden’s World War 1 medals is a triumph for the Uckfield community.

They have been brought home by what is grandly called “public subscription”; or to put it in simple terms – residents “clubbing together”.

It is the second time in recent times that the community has made something happen.

Last year, the memorial to World War 2 Spitfire pilot Eugene Seghers was unveiled in the car park of the Highlands Inn.

Both projects came about without any input from the “powers that be”.

Uckfield, being relatively modern town, doesn’t have a huge amount of history.

Nurture what we have

There is no great run of Medieval buildings, for example, and the church is from Victorian times.

Of course, we have Bridge Cottage but you would never describe Uckfield as an historic town.

That’s why it is important for townspeople to nurture the very little we have.

It was scandalous that the former convent in New Town  was allowed to be demolished; considering its heritage as an agricultural college.

So thanks to Donna French for co-ordinating the purchase of the medals and to Duncan Bennett for bringing people together to build the memorial to the brave Belgian airman.

First picture of Pt Albert Corden

Details of Uckfield Remembrance events

BELLBROOK BUSINESS PARK: So, now its official. Howden Joinery is seeking to use part of the former Trading 4U premises.

It was pretty common knowledge in the town that Howden’s were moving in but confirmation of the news will disappoint those who had hoped for a big High Street name, such as Next.

We are what we are and Uckfield is what it is. People can wish all they like for the big name shops but there is, in truth, little prospect of that happening in the near future.

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