Tribute to Margaret Thatcher from Wealden MP Charles Hendry

Margaret Thatcher changed the UK and helped change the world, the Wealden MP Charles Hendry has said.

Mr Hendry’s comments follow the death of the former Prime Minister.

In a statement, Mr Hendry said: “The UK is a much stronger country today, as a result of Margaret Thatcher. She challenged fundamentally the assumption that the UK faced inescapable decline. She gave millions the opportunity to own their own homes or start their own businesses.

“In my role as a Minister, I went to several countries in the former Soviet bloc who saw her as the champion of their freedom and the most powerful voice for freedom.

“She changed the UK and helped changed the world, and I mourn her passing.”

Uckfield commercial agent Chris Lawson of Lawson Commercial said he met Margaret Thatcher in the late 1970s and remembers “a lady of great charm, determination and personality.”

Mr Lawson met her at a Young Conservatives’ Conference in Eastbourne before she became Prime Minister.

There had been a competition to find the top Young Conservative branch in the UK and the Hove branch where Mr Lawson was vice-chairman came second. Representatives of the top three branches were all presented to Mrs Thatcher.

“I remember a lady of great charm, determination and personality. She was an impressive conviction politician. You knew exactly what her beliefs and philosophies were.

“She stood for truth, honesty and hard work, sadly lacking in today’s politicians.

“History will not only revere her as the first UK woman PM but one of the UK’s greats alongside Churchill.”

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