Traffic surveys under way in Uckfield

Surveys are being conducted to provide information for a traffic model of Uckfield which will be used to look at transport needs in the face of future development.

People wearing yellow fluorescent jackets, carrying clipboards and with click counters were at the junction of High Street with Church Street and Hempstead Road all day on Tuesday.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman confirmed they were there in connection with a series of traffic surveys being carried out.

The aim was to look at the ability of the transport network to accommodate the potential growth of the town.

“The surveys will provide information for a transport model of Uckfield.

“This model is being developed to look at the transport needs of the town in the face of future development, which is coming through from Wealden District Council’s development proposals as part of the Local Development Framework.

“This looks at the amount and distribution of development within the whole of the district up to 2030.”

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