Town councillors oppose plans for 90 new homes in Uckfield

Uckfield town councillors are opposing plans for 90 new homes in Eastbourne Road.

Their concerns include the effects of traffic that would be generated by residents of the estate.

Members of the plans committee have asked Wealden District Council – which will make the final decision on the application – why a new access is proposed onto Eastbourne Road rather than from the existing roundabout.

Ninety homes could be built to the left of the road shown in this photograph. The access would be beyond the roundabout, closer to Uckfield.

They are also worried about the effect of traffic on New Road, which links Eastbourne Road and Lewes Road.

Councillors say: “With an increase in vehicle movements already in the pipeline for Ridgewood (1,000 homes), and Mallards Drive development (119 homes) this could bring this end of town to a standstill and see an increase in traffic congestion.”

They also say the town doesn’t have the infrastructure to cope with the development and further provision for medical services, public transport, and footway/cycleways needs to be considered as part of, or alongside, any further development.

Sewerage capacity

Sewerage capacity and provision for surface water run-off is also questioned.

Plans committee members want to see a thorough geophysical survey undertaken in line with previous advice from the county council archaeological department when the plan was first mooted. The first planning application was rejected by Wealden Council.

Town councillors say the area of Mount Ephraim had long links to the brick-making industry and its proximity to Ware’s Pottery may have greater interest for industrial historians.

Air incidents

“The wider location also has connections with notable air incidents, most notably the loss of Eugene Seghers in 1944, but also the fatal incident following the pre-war mid-air collision of Gloster Gladiator aircraft.”

Councillors conclude: “We therefore feel a number of the issues identified by the relevant agencies in response to the previous application submitted in 2016, have not been addressed and merely swept over in this application.

“The submission of an application for a further 90 homes, after very recent applications for 1,000 homes, and 119 homes, all in close proximity to one another, does not give the town time to adapt to change, nor handle the impact on local infrastructure and increased volume in traffic.”

There’s more details about the planning application in a previous Uckfield News story here: Formal plan submitted for 90 homes off Eastbourne Road.

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