Number 23 Montacute Way where there are plans to build a two-bedroom house in the garden with access onto Downsview Crescent, Uckfield.

Town council objects to plan to build house in Manor Park garden

Uckfield Town Council and neighbours have objected to plans to build a new house in the garden of 23 Montacute Way, on Manor Park Estate.

Number 23 is on the corner at the entrance to the Montacute Way cul de sac from Downsview Crescent.

The proposal has been submitted by Matthew Palmer who says it will be a self-build project and he plans to live in it as his sole, or main residence, for three years from completion.

‘Reasonable garden’

A statement with the planning application, which is before Wealden Council, says the new house would have a reasonable garden “without unduly compromising the character of the locality or the amenities of neighbouring properties”.

It would have two bedrooms, with windows looking west onto Downsview Crescent, north onto Montacute Close, and south onto the side wall of 1 Woodland Close.

Access for car parking and for pedestrians would be from Downsview Crescent.


Neighbours have raised concerns about congestion caused by parked cars in Downsview Crescent and Montacute Way and say it would be dangerous to have an access onto Downsview Crescent.

They are also worried about the appearance of a house squeezed into an already cramped area of houses.

They say it would be overbearing on adjacent properties, and point out that a similar planning application was refused in January 2010.


Neighbours say that the builder of the property has three private cars and one works van at their present address and ask where three of those vehicles would park when there would be space for only one at the new build.

Uckfield town Council objects to the application on the following grounds:

  • Over-development of the site
  • Concerns over lack of parking provision
  • Concerns over the run-off of surface water
  • Safety concerns because of close proximity to the school
  • It would set a precedent regarding infilling on Manor Park Estate which the town council strongly opposes.

Wealden Council will make the final decision on the planning application.

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