Mr Martin Sergison who raised concern about pigeon mess in Uckfield High Street in September. He is pictured in front of the old Post Office building, one of the places pigeons congregate.

Town council looks for ways of tackling pigeon problem in Uckfield

Uckfield Town Council has requested a full street clean of High Street pavements as a result of mess caused by pigeons.

A council spokesperson said on the Uckfield News Facebook page yesterday that having examined the area in the morning it had improved, but the condition could be further improved.

In the meantime the council has been looking at options for deterring the pigeons from their current location.


“The area was assessed by Environmental Health. At its current level, it is not bad enough to warrant any concerns in relation to health and safety but something we do wish to reduce and prevent if possible.

“Looking at the business frontages in town, the spikes do not seem to have much impact. Netting has worked on other properties, and the use of hawks has helped to keep numbers down in other areas.

“These are therefore options we are looking into, and we will be liaising with the Chamber of Commerce shortly to discuss what would work best, going forward. Unfortunately these things sometimes take a little longer to sort out when looking for a longer term solution, rather than a quick fix.”


The council responded following a question from an Uckfield News reader asking What is the point of new High Street arrangements? Robin Eatwell said in an email that pavements looked as if they had become the “repository of all the pigeon excrement for the entire neighbourhood”.

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