Time to thank the Uckfield snow heroes, says Observer

Observer, our independent Saturday columnist, reflects on the snow and how townspeople have reacted.


A few inches of snow and Uckfield (almost) ground to a halt.

Such bitter weather is very much a rarity in the south and we have little experience to draw on when thinking about how to deal with wintry weather.

Schools are, of course, in the front line.

Health and safety

Gone are the days when teachers lived around the corner. Likewise many pupils will come from further afield.

Health and safety, of course, will make people more cautious than they were 40 years ago.

Head teachers are damned if they close the school and damned if they don’t (especially when someone is injured).


I would err, if faced with a similar position, on the side of the caution.

Thumbs up to those who kept going (safely) but no complaints about those who made a different assessment in the light of the circumstances they faced.

It’s a judgement call and you can argue until the cows come home with the proverbial degree in hindsight.

As an aside, Uckfield Community Technology College instructed pupils to get on with online learning on the snow days.

Weather deteriorated

Bet that wiped the smile of some young ones’ faces.

Looking at the wider picture, it is right that we should thank those who provide public services; people who have gone to work and stayed in their posts as the weather deteriorated.

People in the health and care sector obviously spring to mind, but let’s also say thanks to the drivers of the gritter lorries.

They and many other public servants have stuck to the task and we should thank them.


Then, there are the unsung and unknown folk who have helped their neighbours or community.

People have cleared snow, done a bit of shopping, knocked on the door to check all is well and much more.

The TV news has highlighted in other parts of the country people who have left the warmth of their homes to help feed drivers stranded on motorways.


Thankfully, we haven’t had that problem. But, you know what, if drivers were stranded overnight on the Uckfield by-pass, people in this town would be out there with drinks, food, blankets and, if necessary, opening up accommodation for those who had been benighted.

That’s Uckfield….in fact, that’s Britain.

Of course, I will have missed some people from this brief article who should be thanked and applauded.

Spring, please

Pop over to this website’s Facebook page to say your own thank you to any individuals or groups whose efforts should be acknowledged.

Finally, please can we have spring next week. Sorry kids, you have the fun of sledging but it is March after all and my daffodils are looking pretty sorry for themselves.

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