Time to start worrying about crime rises, says Observer.

Our independent Saturday columnist calls for action on crime.


There are no two ways about it, crime is on the rise.

It is not out of control, but a long period of decline is now in reverse.

Official figures from Wealden District Council for the period April to June show 1,633 reported crimes in the council area; against a target of 1,131.

Whenever crime figures are mentioned, there is always an argument about how accurate the reported figures are.

There may have been under-reporting in the past and the growth in hate crimes associated with social media could well be a factor.

Concern is growing

Having added that big dollop of caution, my gut feeling is that the number of crimes is going up and we should be worried.

Wealden uses a traffic light system to show how well targets are being met.

The council says it is on RED. Can you be surprised?

The squeeze on the police has seen fewer officers employed and the disappearance of PCSOs from Uckfield.

The only ones we tend to see in Uckfield are those driving out of town in their cars.

Going up the dots

I think the two things are connected, although politicians will try and have you believe otherwise.

And, to use the old Crimewatch warning about not being scared and ‘sleep easy in your beds’, I will also point out that crime in this town and across Wealden is still extremely low.

For example, burglaries are few and between – according to statistics relating to Uckfield I viewed this week.

Wealden, of course, does not control police numbers, operations or strategy.

That is the remit of the police and crime commissioner and the chief constable.

However, Wealden should be applying political pressure on those that do have control to ensure we have more visible policing.

Some progressives may regard that as an anachronistic view in this digital age.

To me, it is just plain commonsense.

Uckfield Carnival

Bigger, better, stunning and a lot of money raised.

It was a fabulous day – well done to those who made it what it was.

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