Patio gets a good scrub.

Time to scrub the patio

Preparations for spring continue in the garden this month.

The patio at the back of the garden has got very slimy and green. Usually the moss would grow in the winter and dry out in the summer, but because we had a wet summer this year the algae and moss has continued to grow, making the patio very slippery, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.anonymous_gardener_1

So this month I have been washing it. I take a bucket of water, add a little bit of ‘magic’ liquid, take a broom, dip it in the water and then scrub.

It can get very tiring but the results are really good! It has got rid of most of the algae and now the patio isn’t as slippery.

Again raking up leaves has been a priority, however there shouldn’t be many more to come now.

The garden has been very frosty this month, which does make it very pretty.anonymous_gardener_2

I’ve previously mentioned the robin that keeps us company in the garden and this month I was quick enough and managed to photograph it, see below. It’s quite well camoflauged in some of the pictures. Just click on one picture to scroll through the gallery.

Finally I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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