The roses are still blooming in an Uckfield garden.

Thoughts of spring as daffodil bulbs planted in Uckfield garden

September was all about preparing for winter, despite the weather being unseasonably warm. We have cleared out weeds and fading flowers along the back border to make way for new daffodils which will bloom in the spring, writes the Uckfield News anonymous gardener.

daffodil bulbs

Daffodil bulbs ready for planting.

Gladioli, with their long drooping leaves, have been dug up and stored in the garage ready to be replanted elsewhere in the garden because they flower every year. You can see in the picture how the bulb has already grown nodules.

gladioli with nodules

A gladioli bulb with nodules.

The daffodils were planted closer together than is recommended but we are hoping for a beautiful display in the spring, and being close together doesn’t do them any harm.

daffodils in the soil

Daffodil bulbs planted close together. We’re hoping for a good display in the spring.

We checked the bulbs carefully to make sure none were too soft and squidgy, a sign they are rotten and need to be discarded.

The last few buds on roses are opening but it won’t be long before the frost comes and kills them. They have done really well all summer and added a lot of colour to the garden.

There are signs that the rhododendron bush will soon be flowering. Our picture shows a bud nestling in the middle of the leaves.


A bud nestling in rhododendron leaves.

Here is a new picture of the sedum shown in last month’s blog, it is now looking vibrant with its rich pinky/ purple colour.

seedum (2)

Seedum has changed colour since it was photographed last month.

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