This holly bush must come out

In the garden there was a holly bush which had grown very large, so this month work began to cut it back, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.

This particular bush didn’t produce any berries so it wasn’t especially nice to look at.  It also made a large corner of the garden dark.

To begin with all the smaller branches were chopped off so there were just the larger ones left. Then loppers were used to cut back the larger branches leaving just the trunk.

To be able to take the roots and trunk out we dug around the bottom of the bush and cut through all the roots. Some of them we encountered were so thick that a saw was needed to cut them. gardening jan14 2

It’s a slow process working around the bush and severing all the roots but eventually we will just be able to pull t out.

Elsewhere in the garden there was more trimming and tidying up. Lots of oak leaves were lying along the garden borders. It’s important to remove them because it can impact the growth of the flowers in the border and, in fact, when picking them up I uncovered signs of spring. The daffodils are starting to grow along with the crocuses. Also buds are starting to shoot on the rose bush.

The pansies and polyanthus are still looking pretty despite the heavy rain and that’s a sign it hasn’t been too cold because they haven’t suffered too much – yet.

I also found a lady bird while working in the borders! You’ll see it in the gallery of pictures below along with one of our garden helpers.

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