Thirty studio flats could be built in Little Horsted

Thirty studio flats could be built off Bradfords Lane in Little Horsted as accommodation for staff working at East Sussex National Hotel.

Plans have been submitted to demolish golf course greenkeeping buildings at Old Farm, Bradfords Lane, replacing them with a two-storey accommodation block.

One of two accesses to the site in Bradfords Lane, Little Horsted, where 30 studio flats could be built.

Neighbours have objected to the proposal saying the area is very rural and agricultural. They claim the buildings to be demolished are agricultural buildings, not greenkeeping buildings.

One says: “Accordingly a dense 30-unit residential block is most definitely not in keeping with its neighbours and surrounding area.”

That objector says that if granted this could lead to further residential developments. They add that if permission is granted in any form it must be expressly limited to use by permanent staff of East Sussex golf resort.


Another neighbour says granting permission would set a very unwelcome precedent.

“To allow a building to be constructed with 30 residential studio apartments in a lane that is occupied by farms and family homes is certainly out of keeping with its neighbours.

“Why does the golf club need to house 30 members of staff, or is there a hidden commercial agenda?

“We are particularly concerned about disturbance caused during the construction of the building and thereafter disturbance by the staff residents as they arrive or depart to work at various times, day and night. 


“We are very concerned about the impact this would have on traffic in the lane. There is already too much traffic in what is a narrow country road. A combination of commercial vehicles, farm machinery, horse boxes prevents passing without having to move over. 

“There have been numerous accidents and near misses. Last year a group of friends, camping at Bentley Wildfowl Estate, were killed whilst walking along Bradfords Lane. 

“Only last week, sadly, another fatality at the junction of Bradfords Lane and the A26. 

“A development that potentially will accommodate a further 30 cars, construction vehicles, delivery vans etc will have a significant impact on the lane. 


“There are many cyclists, walkers and horse riders that use the lane, any increase in traffic would certainly put their lives in further danger. 

“The size of this development is completely out of keeping and will have a detrimental effect on the residents and farmers who live in Bradfords Lane. I hope that planning permission is refused for this application. 


A statement accompanying the planning application says the proposals would:

  • Provide “much-needed” residential accommodation for staff of the East Sussex National away from the main customer facility and not cause disruption to the ongoing running of it.
  • Respond positively to the immediate and wider landscape and context.
  • Make use of a redundant, undesirable site that is currently attracting infestation and is at risk of collapse which will cause further damage to the environment.
  • Provide a much improved aspect from the street and adjoining properties.
  • Is sustainable in terms of its social economic and environmental benefits.

Full details of the planning application, WD/2020/0747/MAJ, can be found on the Wealden Council website.

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