The good, the bad and the ugly, highlighted by Observer

Our Independent commentator Observer looks at the good, the bad and the ugly in Uckfield.

Good work Wealden

At first sight you think Wealden District Council spending nearly £1 million on creating new parks in Uckfield is an outrageous waste of money.

These parks, called SANGS, have to be provided by developers as part of the planning permission for new houses.

Surely, developers should foot the bill.

Well, yes they should – and eventually they will.

However, to protect the Ashdown Forest, these new parks are needed from the off.

Most of the 1,000 homes at Ridgewood Farm would need to have been built before the pot of money was big enough to construct the park at Little Horsted.

Wealden District Council is getting the infrastructure in BEFORE the houses are built. This is something this column, and others, have banged on about for ages; others please note and follow suit.

Good work Wealden.

More on the SANGS here: £1m estimate for setting up new Uckfield parks

Naughty step for East Sussex Council

East Sussex County Council is really on my naughty step for even thinking about cutting funding for the hugely successful Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Sign the petition to stop this very bad move and lobby your county councillor.

This looks to be a perfect example of someone at county hall knowing the price of everything without thinking about value.

There’s a link to the petition in this story: Petition launched to save Duke of Edinburgh scheme

‘Ugly pile of rubble’ must be dealt with

Cllr Chris Macve was right to draw attention to the ugly pile of rubble on the verge in Library Way.

The bricks may well be part of Uckfield’s history but should not have been dumped on the roadside while their future is determined.

They should have been taken to a compound and kept out of sight.

If the public left a pile of bricks in such a way, the authorities would have been down on us like the proverbial ton of …

Historic red bricks stored on the side of Library Way, Uckfield, after their removal from the High Street during improvement works

Historic red bricks stored on the side of Library Way, Uckfield, after their removal from the High Street during improvement works

Check out another Uckfield eyesore Cllr Macve

And if Cllr Macve is looking for more eyesores in Uckfield town centre, I suggest he looks at the town council-owned red phone box, opposite the railway station.

It is proving difficult to get it moved to a desired location near Hartfields.

However, in the meantime, the box should be smartened up, glazing replaced and put to some temporary use.

At present it is a mess.


Another eyesore in Uckfield – the red phone box opposite Uckfield Railway Station.


A notice pasted on the old telephone box opposite Uckfield Railway Station.

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