Ella Sims cuddles Rozie, happy that the dog escaped unscathed after being attacked in Uckfield.

Teenager thanks helpers after dog attack in Uckfield

Sixteen-year-old Ella Sims has said a public thank you to people who helped her in Uckfield High Street today after a dog attack.

Ella told UckfieldNews.com she was walking Rozie, a neighbour’s small Labrador crossbreed, when another dog attacked grabbing Rozie by the throat.

Ella said: “I was trying to get it away and kicking at it and screaming ‘let go’ when some people came to help.”

Eventually the attacking dog did let go. Rozie leapt into Ella’s arms and one of the helpers took off their belt and used it to lead the other dog to the police station.

Ella has walked Rozie every day for the past three years and nothing like this has ever happened before.

She was on her way to buy a new lead at Pets Corner for her own dog and had just reached Blockbusters when a big dog, that looked like a pit bull cross and had a docked tail, came from the direction of the train station and attacked Rozie, getting her by the throat.

Once the other dog had been taken away Ella took Rozie, a small Labrador cross, to be looked over by a vet and was relieved when it was confirmed she hadn’t been injured.

She added: “I just have to keep checking now that she doesn’t go into shock but she seems fine at the moment.”

When Rozie posed for our picture with Ella the animal was bursting with energy and looked none the worse for her ordeal.

Ella said she had lashed out instinctively when the other dog attacked and she only realised afterwards she was very lucky she hadn’t been hurt herself. She said she wouldn’t take Rozie into town again.

Ella’s mum rushed into town to see to her daughter after hearing about the attack. Ella said both of them shook with relief that all had ended well.

“I am very grateful to the people that came to help. I just didn’t know what to do on my own,” she said.

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