Sussex Police Commissioner – another Conservative enters fray

Conservative councillor Paul Dendle is bidding to be elected the first Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. His is the second name to emerge as a potential candidate at the poll on November 15.

Cllr Dendle is a member of Arun District Council, representing the Arundel Ward, and is seeking to become the official Conservative Party candidate.

He said the Party was due to select its candidate by May.

In a statement, he said: “I believe that the role of Police Commissioner is a critical community role as law and order is one of the fundamental precursors to a civil society.

“The new-elected Police Commissioner will have to have the drive, foresight and proven ability to make the changes that are desperately needed; the status quo isn't working. I believe I am that person,

“The current policing situation is not acceptable or desirable, when you only have 15 per cent of police officers on duty at any one time, so the elected Commissioner will have to forge a new kind of policing relying on community involvement.

“I am conscious of the founding principles set by Robert Peel when he created the first police force and this has to be a starting point to any strategy of improvement.

“Policing in the UK has always been by consent and the basic mission for the police is to prevent crime and disorder. The challenges of the future are to put those principles in a future context with all the complexities of the Human Rights Act and the needs of very diverse communities.

“Our police forces are top down control and command organisations, this makes them un-receptive to change and inefficient. If elected, this is something I will work to change by empowering front-line staff and release them from the paper-chase bureaucracy which will improve efficiency and morale.”

Cllr Dendle is Cabinet member for the Environment on Arun council as well as being Conservative Sussex Area Chairman responsible for the 16 associations and liaison for the 13 Sussex Conservative MPs.

 *In October last year Cllr Peter Jones announced he was bidding to be the Conservative candidate at the election. See here

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