Traffic census camera in Downsview Crescent

Survey cameras again in use in Uckfield

Updated: July 2, 2018

More data is being gathered in Uckfield about traffic movements around the town.

At the weekend, counts using small video cameras were under way in Downsview Crescent on the Manor Park Estate and in New Town.

The technology was being supplemented by physical counts.

The information is being fed in to the development of future traffic plans for the town as this UckfieldNews story (below) revealed.

Our original story from June 22

Tiny cameras are being used in Uckfield as part of a series of traffic and pedestrian surveys around the town.

The cameras, on telescopic masts, have been placed at strategic points and have been seen in London Road/High Street, Church Street, Bell Lane, Ridgewood and Framfield Road.

Following inquiries by, an East Sussex County Council spokesman told this website: “We are currently carrying out a number of traffic and pedestrian surveys around Uckfield.

Small video cameras

 “These include recording vehicle movements using small video cameras on telescopic masts, as well as speed and parking surveys and monitoring pedestrian crossing movements.

“The cameras used will only record the numbers of pedestrians and vehicles, and are not of a high enough resolution to identify number plates or faces.

“The data collected will be used to identify potential pedestrian and traffic management improvements during the next phase of the Uckfield Town Centre Improvement Scheme.

Developer contributions

 “These improvements are to mitigate the impact of traffic on the town centre as a result of existing and future development in and around the town and will be funded by development contributions.”

Further development contributions have been secured for a fourth phase of the town centre improvement scheme.  This will build on the investment on the first three phases and seek to address issues into and along the access corridors leading into the town centre.

Locations of possible works

These will look at specifically Bell Lane to Tesco roundabout, Framfield Road, Ridgewood – Lewes Road and Eastbourne Road, Church Street and London Road/ High Street.

Uckfield Town Council consulted

Uckfield Town Council was given the opportunity to have input into this fourth phase of town centre works in February last year.

Members of the council were informed that assuming that phase three of the town centre improvement works were delivered on or near to budget, that further development contributions had been secured from sites within and around Uckfield Town Centre specifically for the use of local transport improvements.

It had therefore been proposed to bring forward a Phase 4 of highway improvements, which would address issues in the access corridors leading into the town centre.

Utilising past feedback from local councillors and local residents, five access corridors had been identified (Bell Lane to Tesco roundabout, Framfield Road, Church Street, London Road/High Street, Manor Park and Lewes Road and Eastbourne Road in Ridgewood.

Summary of councillors’ views

The town council was asked to input on the issues in these five areas, and the Town Mayor [at the time, Cllr Louise Eastwood] invited comments from around the table:

  • Framfield Road junction – the filter light which directed southbound traffic into Framfield Road was not fully operational. If the filter light were turned on whilst traffic was leaving Framfield Road, it would help to ease traffic congestion in the early mornings and evenings. The Chamber of Commerce had undertaken a traffic survey at the junction some time ago, and the findings of this would still be available for traffic engineers to refer to’ [this filter light was brought into use shortly afterwards]; 
  • The traffic lights at the Church Street/High Street junction needed to be re-phased to provide vehicles travelling southbound a few more minutes to pass through the junction and turn into Church Street; 
  • It was agreed that traffic calming initiatives were important at Ringles Cross to improve road safety; 
  • Pedestrian safety needed to improve in Manor Park, and a crossing was needed for students walking to the college and nearby primary school; 
  • Despite the one-way system in The Drive/Manor Way it was often difficult for vehicles to move past parked vehicles. It had been suggested by residents previously that the grass banks lining the road could be made into parking bays to improve traffic flow; 
  • The 20mph zone within the High Street needed to be extended to areas of New Town and roads off Framfield Road (including Alexandra Road, Harcourt Road, New Place); 
  • Traffic calming initiatives were required in Eastbourne Road, to reduce traffic speed. 

The town clerk, Holly Goring, advised that these comments would be passed on with the feedback received by residents in the past, to the county council for consideration by their traffic engineers.

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