Summer bedding set to flourish in Uckfield garden

Out with the old in with the new. Summer bedding is now in place including: dianthus, fucshia, and marigolds.

Spring pansies were just about surviving but it was time for change. We used leaf mulch which had been rotting down for over a year to help bed in the new plants, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.

Bedding plants don’t have very long roots and it helps to put the leaf mulch in the pot first and then fill to the top with soil.

The wallflowers have gone and the peonies have been deadheaded. They had looked beautiful and it was amazing how their vibrant hot pink colour was almost bleached by the sun to become a pastel pink.

Elsewhere the rhododendron bush, along with the lilac, has bloomed and add a lot of colour to the garden.

And finally there has been a theft in the garden. Some gladioli bulbs had been planted in pots ready to then be transplanted into the garden. However, when we expected to see them shooting and there was nothing there we wondered what had happened.

Further investigation showed there were no bulbs to be found in any of the pots. The thief remains at large, although some fatter than usual squirrels have been spotted.

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