Students injured in fall at UCTC

Update on Friday, September 13: Uckfield Community Technology College has told parents that none of the boys who fell from a platform while preparing for a school photograph was too seriously injured.

Principal Hugh Hennebry said the three who fell were “badly bruised” and one had a broken wrist and a cut finger. Another boy who was injured pulling a girl back from falling had “wrenched his shoulder but is otherwise fine”.

Mr Hennebry said the college was thoroughly investigating the cause of the accident and was following a number of lines of enquiry.

He praised students for their “very good behaviour while they lined up, were arranged on the platform and had the first group photo taken and then, after the accident, for waiting patiently while we looked after the boys.”

Our original story: An accident at Uckfield Community Technology College  this morning led to three sixth-form students being taken to hospital.

The boys were injured while preparations were being made to take a photograph of all students and staff to mark the 60th anniversary of the school’s opening.

At the present, it is believed the injuries are not serious.

Parents of the injured students have been informed.

Principal’s statement

Hugh Hennebry, principal, said in a statement: “A platform was erected by the photography company on our playing fields for the students to stand on.

“While the students were being walked on in single file to the platform, three sixth form students fell off the back of the platform on to the field below.

“They were immediately looked after by our team of first aiders and paramedics called. Their parents were all contacted and have been able to be with them.

“They have all gone to hospital to be checked out along with a fourth boy who hurt his shoulder but remained on the platform. The ambulance staff took every precaution because they were dealing with people who have fallen, so put two boys in neck braces and a third boy on a board, which may have looked alarming to any student who may have been able to see.

“The paramedics have done preliminary tests and at present, they do not believe there are any signs of anything too serious.

“We wish all the boys a speedy recovery.”

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