Streatfeild House, Uckfield

Streatfeild House, Uckfield, set for demolition and rebuild


When the Cabinet of Wealden District Council discussed the future of Streatfeild House on Wednesday (September 5), members decided to go ahead with the project to provide 55 new upgraded homes on the site.

An application will be made to the government to allow the council to borrow money for the scheme.

Existing residents of Streatfeild House, who wish to, will be allowed to move to Grants Hill House and receive a home loss payment for doing so, in order to assist with emptying Streatfeild House to facilitate any upgrade work.

Further feasibility work will need to be undertaken to confirm the viability of the preferred option.

Our original story

Streatfeild House looks set to be demolished and rebuilt to modern standards.

The plan would be to allow existing residents of the homes to move to the new Grants Hill House, if they wish.

They would receive what is termed as a “home loss payment” for doing so.

Streatfeild House would be rebuilt to provide 55 modern homes, 11 more than at present.

Streatfeild House, Uckfield, is a courtyard development although some properties face on to the upper High Street

Streatfeild House, Uckfield, is a courtyard development although some properties face on to the upper High Street

Wealden District Council’s policy is to upgrade homes with bedsit accommodation (Streatfeild has 31 such units) to support “older, vulnerable tenants to live independently, in good quality accommodation, as long as possible into old age”.

The current home is 50 years old and kitchens, windows and external doors are in a poor state of repair and due for renewal.

The central heating will also be due for renewal in 2020.

Other major works can be expected in the coming 10-20 years, for example on the roof and cladding.

The costs of maintaining the property in a good condition, over the next four years is estimated at £1.162 million.

In the short term this exceeds the district council’s rental income.

At present, the demolition and rebuild is a proposal and agreement is needed before it can go ahead, including getting government permission to borrow money to fund the redevelopment.

Grants Hill House

Grants Hill House, which off Oaklea Way, Uckfield, is in the final stages of rebuilding.

Construction is continuing and this website reported in May that the development of the 67 homes at a cost of £10m was progressing according to plan and was due for completion in December.

Why is it spelt Streatfeild and not Streatfield?

In the 18th Century the Streatfeild family inherited estates in Uckfield.

They owned a property known as The Rocks (or Rocks House at times and The Rocks Mansion).

It had large ornamental gardens.

After the family moved out of the property, The Rocks became a school  and in more recent times was converted to provide homes.

Lake Wood

The Rocks estate was dissected by the Uckfield by-pass and Lake Wood, now owned by the Woodland Trust, was once part of the property.

The Rocks Park Housing Estate was built on land that once formed part of the lands attached to The Rocks.

One of the roads on the estate was originally called Streatfeild Road but was changed to Streatfield because, it is said, residents complained that no-one could ever spell their address correctly.

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