Strangest place to watch the Royal Wedding

Tanya Rossi watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton from under the stairs in her home on Friday.

She is getting used to life there now because she has been hand-feeding puppies born on Tuesday to her West Highland Terrier Ruby.

The puppies were due on the Royal Wedding Day itself but instead, after one was lost, Ruby had to have a caesarean.

“I was hoping for royal pups and may still call one Windsor,” Tanya told Uckfield News. “This has been the most traumatic experience. I haven’t slept for days as we had to hand feed for the first few hours until Ruby recovered. Thankfully she didn’t reject the puppies.”

Tanya adds: “I bet very few people are under their stairs for the royal wedding though!”

We hope to bring you a picture of the puppies in a few days when their eyes are open. Tanya says they are very tiny at the moment and look like hamsters.

Were you watching the Royal Wedding from a stranger place?

Karen was up a ladder

Karen Muxworth commented on Tanya’s story saying: “Well, that beats my story for sure … I was up a ladder painting our bathroom! I angled the bedroom TV in the doorway of the bathroom so I could still watch the nuptials. Aren’t women brilliant at multi-tasking?”

Where were you? Email to share your story.

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