State of rivers means we must halt runaway housebuilding – Observer

Independent columnist Observer suggests we rise up to halt more housebuilding after reading the salutary message from Jim the Fish.

Planners will ignore the warning from Jim the Fish at OUR peril.

There have long been suspicions in Sussex that too much water is being extracted from our rivers and boreholes.

Jim the Fish (Jim Smith)

Now, in the excellent article in the Guardian, the true extent of what is going on has been laid bare by Jim Smith (aka Jim the Fish), pictured, who has incredible knowledge of the Rivers Ouse and Uck.

Housebuilding in the South East has continued unabated for far too long without any long-term thought by those in power of the consequences to our water supply and environment.

How do we stop  housebuilding juggernaut?

South East Water talks of building new reservoirs (I’m not sure what happened to the plan for another one near Barcombe) but all that is doing is husbanding resources.

Somehow we must get the message across to the planners because you can bet if it is happening in the Ouse catchment, then it is going on in other river systems in the region.

The problem is: how do we stop the juggernaut that is housebuilding?

Make sure you go to consultation event

Wealden District Council is beginning consultations on a new Local Plan, with an event planned for Uckfield on October 27.

The first step must be for people to flood (pun intended) this meeting and register objections.

A big fight that’s worth winning

Our local politicians should pick up the gauntlet and start campaigning on our behalf.

Success will only come if we can convince Wealden to draw a line in the sand and then we must stop diktats from Whitehall over-ruling local democracy.

It’s a big ask but a fight worth winning.

APRIL COTTAGE: Finally we get common sense and this Buxted cottage can be returned to a home after a relatively short period as a GP surgery.

The £6,000+ bill for helping to provide mitigation against recreational over-use of the Ashdown Forest looks a mighty expensive price to pay.

REGENERATION: Cllr Roy Galley asks if Uckfield wants the town centre regeneration. The answer has to be yes. Other towns will improve their offerings – there are plans for most of the nearby towns – and we must not be left behind.

Roy Galley

Cllr Roy Galley

Clearly such massive works will be disruptive. What Uckfield needs to know is the details of what will be affected and for how long. Cllr Galley should ensure that information is available for any consultations.

Let’s get all the cards on the table from the outset but for Uckfield to do nothing would be disastrous.

East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Lewes and Hailsham will become a threat to our town if we standstill.

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