Start date set for public inquiry into Wealden planning strategy

A Government inspector is due to open a public inquiry into the Wealden District Core Strategy, which shapes development in the district until 2030, on January 17, 2012.

Michael Moore will consider the soundness of the strategy investigating whether it is sound, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

In a document which can be seen on the Wealden Council website he says: “It is not my role to seek to improve the core strategy or make it 'more sound' but to seek to address unresolved issues through round table discussion or consideration of the original written representations.

“Where a non-identified 'omission' site is being promoted instead of, or in addition to, the proposed Strategic Development Areas I cannot recommend it as a 'better' site if the core strategy is already sound.”

After the hearings the inspector will prepare a report for Wealden Council with his conclusions and any changes required to the core strategy. Most changes would be limited to clarification or to dealing with factual updating or correction.

“Where more significant changes are made I need to ensure that the rights of third parties are not prejudiced by recommendations on matters which would take them by surprise.”

Mr Moore says some 1,783 representations, from 272 organisations and individuals, were received on the published core strategy.

He says his starting point for the examination is the assumption that the council has submitted what they consider to be a sound plan. “Those seeking changes must demonstrate why the core strategy is unsound by reference to one or more of the three factors in the soundness guidance.”

More information about the hearings, and documents relating to them, can be found on the Wealden Council website.

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