Snow has quickly covered Hempstead Road, Uckfield, this evening

Snow quickly coats Uckfield

The first snow has fallen across Uckfield tonight (February 26)  – and weather forecasters say it is set to get much worse.

Surfaces have been quickly covered, although roads which have been salted are free-running and “wet”.

Temperatures have been around freezing for much of the day as the “Beast from the East” set in.

Bitterly cold winds from Siberia are now blowing across the district.

Snow falling over the Hempstead Lane play area tonight

Snow falling over the Hempstead Lane play area tonight

It heralds a spell of harsh wintry weather which we have not seen in these parts for some years.

The BBC say people should be prepared for “disruptive snow, bitter winds, frost and ice; plus some sunshine. There COULD be a full-blown blizzard across the south towards the end of the week.

Fewer trains will operate tomorrow (February 27) on the Uckfield Line. Details in our earlier story.

Health advice

The South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) has issued the following advice.

With snow and freezing temperatures forecast for the days ahead, South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) is reminding people to take extra care and be prepared.

By taking just a few precautionary steps to keep themselves, their family and friends safe, people can help lessen the impact the cold weather has on the ambulance service and the wider NHS.

The service is also planning ahead itself to ensure the impact of forecast snow showers are kept to a minimum.

4 x 4 vehicles

Additional plans are in place to respond to adverse weather if needed including extra 4×4 vehicles on standby if required. The Trust is keeping a close eye on weather forecasts to ensure the impact any adverse weather has is kept to a minimum.

Uckfield High Street

Uckfield High Street

SECAmb Resillience and Specialist Operations Manager, Chris Stamp said: “We have plans in place to help us manage any adverse weather and we’re asking for the public’s support by everyone taking a moment to ensure they are also well prepared.

“Wearing appropriate shoes and clothing are important as we’re likely to see an increase in slips and falls. We’d also urge people to avoid all but essential road travel if the weather is particularly bad. We’re also asking for people to keep an eye out for vulnerable family, friends and neighbours who are likely to find the colder spell particularly difficult.”

Check list

SECAmb is urging everyone to follow the check list below.

·         Wear appropriate shoes when outside especially during icy weather. We typically see an increase to slips and falls during colder spells

·         Plan ahead and check local weather forecasts and road conditions in your area.

Hempstead Gardens

Hempstead Gardens

Ensuring that your vehicle is suitably stocked; consider keeping the following in your car during bad weather:


Ice scraper & de-icer and extra screen wash

Torch and batteries


A warm winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves and warm clothes

Sturdy footwear

A flask of hot drink

·         Look out for any vulnerable friends and neighbours – what could you do to help them?

·         Wear bright colours at night. Can you be clearly seen as a pedestrian or cyclist? If walking at dusk or at night use a torch

·         Heat homes to at least 18C (65F). You might prefer your main living room to be slightly warmer

·         Keep your bedroom window closed on winter nights – breathing cold air can be bad for your health as it increases the risk of chest infections. If outside in the cold, cover your nose and mouth – especially if you have a long-term health condition which might be exacerbated by the cold air

Uckfield Library.Feb 26 2018

Traffic still flowing in Uckfield High Street

·         Keep active when you’re indoors. Try not to sit still for more than an hour or so

·         When was the last time your vehicle was serviced? If your car is safer, so are you

·         Wear several layers of light clothes. They trap warm air better than one bulky layer

·         999 should only be dialled in the event of a life-threatening or serious emergency

·         People who are not facing a serious emergency should make alternative arrangements such as dialling NHS 111 or seeking alternative advice from a GP or pharmacist so we can focus on those who need us most.

Look after your neighbours

 An appeal has gone out for people to look after their neighbours as the wintry blast bites.

Deputy town mayor, Cllr Duncan Bennett, Trust Independent, who is one of the town’s emergency planning co-ordinators has posted on Facebook:

“Well, it’s looking increasingly likely that we will be affected by the so-called “Beast from the East” as we head into the week.

All the usual advice and warnings apply, but can we add just one thing?

“If you have elderly or vulnerable friends, relatives or neighbours, can you check on them over the next 24hrs to ensure that they have sufficient essentials to see them through the next few days?
“If they have enough supplies to help them avoid venturing out it would be sensible.

“Temperatures are set to remain below zero, so any snow which turns to slush and ice on footpaths could hang around and this can be absolutely treacherous, especially for those who may be more unsteady on their feet.

“A brave independent journey to the end of the road for a pint of milk could end up with a broken hip etc.

“Be a good neighbour and make sure everyone stays safe.”

Snow knocking on Uckfield’s door

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