Bluebells in Boothland Wood, Uckfield.

Sniff the air in Boothland Wood

Sniff the air as you walk into Boothland Wood, Uckfield, from the direction of the Victoria Ground because the bluebells smell good.

But don’t breathe too deeply when you get to the far side of the bluebell paradise because for a few moments the smell of farmyard hangs in the air, writes The Ambler.

People living in New Town, Uckfield, have easy access to this beauty spot and there are well worn paths around and through the wood.

We parked at the Victoria Ground where cricketers were playing in nets and wandered past the skateboard park, busy with youngsters on bikes while others rested in a smart new shelter.

In the wood the bluebells are glorious, even on a grey day, and it is no wonder the birds chirp merrily in there.

Make sure you visit soon to enjoy the short flowering season!




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