Boo in happier days.

SNARL confirms M25 cat killer’s second attack in Uckfield

Update at 9.20pm, June 17: A vet has confirmed that the death of a cat – and its mutilation – found in Nevill Road, Uckfield, this morning is “human related”.

Boudicca Rising, from South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) who have been working with the police to try to track down a mystery attacker known as the M25 Croydon cat killer, told Uckfield News:

“We have attended and seen the body ourselves, and it bears markers for the killer that are not in the public domain so we are confident this is a linked case. It’s been reported to police.”

Boudicca asked Uckfield News to publish the following information:


Boudicca said: “We don’t know whether he’s going to stay local or not, and I’d rather we were called immediately if someone finds a body, as it maximises the chances for police to attend and gather any possible forensics.”

From an Uckfield News story published on June 17, at 5.30pm: It is believed that a second Uckfield cat has fallen victim of the so-called M25, or Croydon, cat killer.

The body of a black cat was spotted on Nevill Road, on the Manor Park Estate, this morning, near Nevill Green on the grass.

Initially it was assumed the cat had been knocked over during the night but the owner Gill Evans said on Uckfield Talk this afternoon that she was sorry to say it appeared her pet was probably a victim of the so-called M25 cat killer.

Gill said the body was mutilated and the police and SNARL (an animal rescue group working with the police in investigating these cases) have been involved.

One person queried whether this might have been a fox attack but Gill responded saying the injuries were not consistent with that.

Gill told Uckfield News her cat Boo was almost three years old and was last seen in the kitchen at home at about 12.30 last night. She had a cat flap and was able to go out during the night.

A neighbour spotted her dead on the lawn at about 7am today and her owners were alerted at about 10am.

• Uckfield News reported last November that it was thought the M25 cat killer was responsible for the death of a cat at The Mount. Read more here.

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