Six girls run school campaign to help the homeless

Six girls have inspired other children at Manor Primary School in Uckfield to join them in helping the homeless.

They first asked headteacher Mrs Margaret Coleman to let them run a campaign in the school and then put together a presentation to be delivered at an assembly.

Campaigning to help the homeless are, from the left, Millie Grace, Olivia Nott, Chloe Wares, Sophie Mendes, Izzy Hartfield, and Crystal Streeter.

They appealed for products which could be brought together in shoebox packages, with each item designed to make life better for homeless people.

Year Six pupils Crystal Streeter, Sophie Mendes, and Izzy Hartfield launched their project after watching a video on YouTube which showed a social experiment revealing how badly a homeless man was treated in comparison with a child.

“Lots of people are not very nice to homeless people and their life can be really hard,” said Crystal. “We wanted to do something to make them happy.”


The three were quickly joined by Olivia Nott, Chloe Wares, and Millie Grace, and all six have given up their breaks during the school day to compose letters, build their presentation, learn what would be most useful to collect for their boxes, and to find an organisation willing to distribute them.

They have chosen Lewes Open Doors to receive their packages and Friday is the deadline for donations from other Manor Primary School children.

The girls have been particularly impressed by the response from Year One pupils who have brought in box-loads of soap. Each year has a different product to focus on.

Hats and socks

Other items include hats and socks, tooth brushes, toothpaste … and snack bars for energy.

Olivia said: “We feel really strongly about this. We are all warm and think everybody should be able to have gloves and a hat, and be clean.”

The girls added that at school they were learning that everybody is equal and that they should be kind and gentle and that was why the project meant so much to them.

Their school motto is: Everyone matters. Everyone helps, and everyone succeeds. “We want people who have fallen on hard times to have the chance to succeed with their lives too,” said Chloe.


Manor Primary School business manager Ruth Western said the school was very proud of the girls and the way they were managing their campaign.

Campaign letter

A letter from the girls to the rest of the school said: 

“We are doing this so we understand that when we are indoors all warm and comfortable there is some people sitting on the side of the streets cold, wet and possibly not very well. 

“It isn’t always about yourself. Be thoughtful and think how others are feeling and why they might be different to you but that in any way does not matter. 

“We can help if we work all together and not give up. We all can make a difference if you can help.”

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