Susan Makowski stands clear of the fenced off sinkhole in her garden.

Sinkhole appears in Uckfield garden

A sinkhole has appeared in an Uckfield garden. It looks about two feet wide but more cavernous beneath the turf and about eight feet deep with pipes exposed.

Tower View home owner Susan Makowski said she was told by a neighbour on Sunday morning that the hole had appeared in her front garden. The neighbour said they had noticed a dip in the lawn previously.

“It is very lucky nobody was standing there when the ground caved in,” said Susan. She had no idea why it had happened.

She said the hole looked like part of a trench which was pointed in the direction of her house, just a few feet away. The turf from the lawn could be seen at the bottom of the hole. “It’s very scary,” she added.

Susan immediately put up cones and tape to keep people away, but then her boss helped by putting up a more study temporary fence.

She is awaiting a visit from her insurance company to find out what to do about the hole and was planning to contact East Sussex County Council to alert them to the dangers of it being next to a public footpath.

tower view sink hole 2a

An earlier view of the sinkhole which is close to a public footpath in Tower View, Uckfield.

Earlier this week there was national publicity when a sinkhole swallowed a car. Read more in this Daily Mail story.

And here is a link to pictures of  “Incredible Sinkholes Around the World”

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