The clean-up continues yesterday afternoon after flash flooding in the morning. This is Jackie Ambrose, assistant manager at Peacocks.

Shops clean up after yesterday’s flash flood in Uckfield

Peacocks was still closed in Uckfield yesterday afternoon as a clean-up operation continued after water flooded into the store front and back during heavy rainfall in the morning.

Assistant manager Jackie Ambrose was sweeping the entrance outside at about 3.30pm while inside the floor was still being dried. She said there wasn’t too much damage.

Across the road Boots had opened at 2pm after efforts during the morning to dry the floor. More cleaning is to be done before opening this morning.

Chris Sharp at The Bargain Store said they had been very lucky with just a small amount of water coming in through front and back doors.

Water came in front and back

It was a different story at the health food shop which remained closed after water came in front and back.

Next door, where the newsagent has a higher step into the shop, they had escaped damage and so had The Lounge.

Workmen who have been laying paving as part of the Uckfield improvement project said the water came up to their knees at one stage but disappeared very quickly.

The paving hadn’t been affected and while work was delayed progress could still be seen when compared with pictures Uckfield News took on Tuesday.

The surface of a loading bay was going down outside the shops and work was near completion on the widened pavement from River Way to Uckfield Railway Station.

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