An impression of the Ridgewood Farm development. Photographed at a public exhibition at the civic centre

Shops and pub envisaged on homes site

A number of retail uses are suggested for the 1,000 homes development at Ridgewood Farm, Uckfield.

A report, which supports the planning application, states that it is “envisaged that the proposed development could accommodate uses such as a small convenience store to serve the development, a newsagent, a restaurant and / or café and a public house”.

The convenience store would be no bigger than 500 sq m “to ensure that it remains of a scale that serves the local walk to catchment population only and does not affect the vitality and viability of Uckfield town centre”.

(For comparison, the plan for a Morrisons Local on part of the Highlands Inn car park would be 390 sq m gross with a net sales area of 288 sq m).

The applicant states: “The proposed retail floorspace is designed to serve local day-to-day needs arising from residents, workers and the local community.

“It is not envisaged that the proposed quantum of retail floorspace would be sufficient to attract any material amount of expenditure from further afield.

“Due to the scale and location of the proposed retail floorspace it is envisaged that it will be used by people who are already in the area such as residents, employees or people visiting the school.

“The retail floorspace will not become a destination in its own right. The proposed retail element of the scheme is part of the wider mixed use development and is intrinsic to ensure a balanced mixed use sustainable community is created, as part of this application.

“The retail floorspace will not come forward in isolation from the remainder of the development and this can be controlled by condition.

“The inclusion of complementary uses contributes towards the creation of a sustainable development and reduces the reliance on the private motor car,” the statement supporting the application states.

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