Shopping, crime, litter, council tax – Observer takes aim

Our regular Saturday columnist Observer gets straight to the point this week, talking about shopping, crime, council tax and litter.

Uckfield town centre: Two big names go in a week; first Carpetright and now Barclays. It’s a sign of the times as shopping moves ever more online or is concentrated in big towns, cities or out-of-town malls.

Council tax: I told you it was going up but it was a shock to read the total rise would be £100 for Band D payers. East Sussex County Council have gone large – that’s the council, if you remember, where the leader had a hefty pay rise.

Uckfield crime: Well said councillors who they came out with what we are all thinking. Bring back the bobby on the beat, it would stop a lot of the nonsense that is going on.

I hear the police are asking people to ‘investigate’ when they are victims of crime.

That’s a slippery slope, if ever there was one.

The investigators could then become, judge, jury and mete out the punishment.

My message to Sussex Police: get a grip of reality and do the job you are supposed to.

By-pass litter: That’s a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. You would think the people who cut the grass would liaise with the people who collect litter, so the grass cutting is followed by litter picking.

There’s nothing new in rubbish being hidden in the undergrowth. Councils should work together – or be amalgamated, as I suggested the other week.

Mind you, post Christmas, Wealden District Council seems to have been caught out by the large amount of recycling to be collected.

Sometimes, you weep at how unworldly they are.

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