School places shortage at UCTC, town council told

Some Uckfield families are having to look outside the town to find secondary school places, Uckfield Town Council was told last night (July 4).

The problem was highlighted by Cllr Paul Sparks, Liberal Democrat, North Ward.

He said: “I understand families moving into Uckfield cannot get their children into UCTC (Uckfield Community Technology College).”

Cllr Sparks said families had been directed towards Beacon Academy at Crowborough.

He said in the past the council had always been told the schools in Uckfield were not full but now this was happening.

1,000 new Ridgewood homes

Town mayor, Cllr Louise Eastwood, Trust Independent, Uckfield North, said she and other councillors had met UCTC head, Hugh Hennebry who had said there would be a problem, especially with 1,000 new homes planned for Ridgewood.

He was looking at getting a planned extension scheme finished, the Mayor said, as well as building on land where temporary classrooms now stand.

She hoped it would be possible to work with Mr Hennebry in getting the needed new classrooms.

Cllr Diane Ward, Trust Independent, Central Ward, pointed out the situation at Uckfield could become worse because Ringmer college was stopping its sixth form.

Grass cutting woes

The issue was raised during a report from county councillor Chris Dowling, whose division includes Ridgewood and Framfield.

Cllr Dowling was questioned about the standard and frequency of grass cutting on verges.

He said the contractors did not clear or tidy away the grass and left it in situ. “They don’t take debris away. It is left and they will not take it away. They will not clear it up.”

Cllr Duncan Bennett, Trust Independent, New Town, said cut grass in Framfield Road had been left in the road and during a downpour had been washed away, blocking drains.

Cllr Ward said a friend’s four-year-old daughter became lost because the grass was so high on one verge

The lack of gully emptying in certain areas of the town was also raised with Cllr Dowling.

Cllr Chris Macve, Trust Independent, North Ward, told him of a drain in London Road which had grass growing out of it. When the verges were cut, the grass in the drain was also mown down.

Councillors present at the meeting were:
Mayor Cllr Louise Eastwood, Trust Independent, North Ward
Deputy Mayor Cllr Duncan Bennett, Trust Independent, New Town
Cllr James Anderson, Trust Independent, North
Cllr Jacqueline Beckford, Liberal Democrat, Ridgewood
Cllr Mick Dean, Trust Independent, New Town
Cllr Keith Everett, Independent, Ridgewood
Cllr Helen Firth, Conservative, Central
Cllr Donna French, Trust Independent, North
Cllr Jackie Love, Trust Independent, North
Cllr Chris Macve, Trust Independent, North
Cllr Barry Mayhew, Liberal Democrat, New Town
Cllr Paul Meakin, Liberal Democrat, Central
Cllr Ian Smith, Independent, Ridgewood
Cllr Paul Sparks, Liberal Democrat, North
Cllr Diane Ward, Trust Independent, Central

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