School funding is unfair to Uckfield, says Observer

Independent columnist Observer says school funding disadvantages Uckfield and a 45 per cent disaparity is unfair. The column also references a 1970s TV sitcom and says well done to organisers of safety events for pupils.

Is it right that some secondary schools in East Sussex get 45 per cent more money per pupil than those attending Uckfield Community Technology College?

The question was posed at a question time session by college principal, Hugh Hennebry.

My answer is simple: NO. It is totally unfair.

Uckfield is suffering as money from the so-called rich north of the county flows to the “poor” south coast.

I would agree with Mr Hennebry that there is some need for an inequality of funding but the gap is far too great.

Uckfield, with its many new, smart housing estates may look wealthy. However, we residents know full well that not everything is at it seems on the surface.

Mr Hennebry said the decision was one made the county council . . . so we know who to lobby.

UCKFIELD LINE: My friend in the Dog and Duck who knows everything about Uckfield and a bit more tells me the rail station platform project is going to be dreadfully disruptive to commuters. We walked out of the hostelry to him (tunelessly) whistling the theme tune to the 1970s sitcom, On the Buses (It’s a Grand Life on the Buses). What could he mean?

It has been another dreadful week on the Uckfield Line. That’s no longer news. A full service, running to time would be major news.

CONGRATULATIONS to the local children who won prizes in Wealden District Council’s Safety in Action events. The big prize goes to Wealden and its partners for staging the events (I also add to that the town council’s separate road safety event). Money well spent in my view.

LATE: Good day to bury bad news? Uckfeld Town Centre Reinvestment Project Tweeting news last night of what is happening on town centre roadworks at just before 9pm. See story here

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