Scam warning after phone calls to Uckfield residents

Uckfield residents have been given police advice on what to do if they suspect a scam phonecall from a criminal.

The advice follows two reports of older people being targeted. One was offered 40 per cent off their electricity bill.

Sussex Police said suspected scams should always be reported and people should be on their guard.

In a statement they said: “If you receive any phone calls you feel suspicious about, do not give out any personal details and immediately report it to the police. The best way to do this is on 101 or email

They issued the advice after contacted them after hearing of two scam incidents affecting townspeople.

In one case, we have been told, a woman received a telephone call from a” very smooth gentleman”.

He knew she was over 80 and told her that the government had a new initiative whereby ”over 80s” could get 40 per cent off their electricity bill.

He knew the first four numbers of her debit card (this could also have been her credit card).  He chatted to her about the deal and then tried to get her to give him the whole of her debit/credit card number.

When she said that she did not have her glasses, he said he would wait whilst she fetched them.  He also tried to get the three digit number from the back of the card.

She told the caller she lived with her daughter who dealt with her affairs and suggested he phone back when she was in and put the phone down.

In a second incident, a man was called but his wife answered and said he was busy.

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