Save water call: ‘Be proud of your dirty car’

South East Water, the company which supplies the Uckfield area, is calling on consumers to restrict demand.

It specifically asks people not to water their lawns and not to wash their cars.

Arlington Reservoir, part of the South East Water network

The request is NOT because there is a shortage of water, even though we have had virtually drought conditions for three months after a wet winter.

Instead, the problem is that sometimes residents throughout the company’s area are using water faster than it can be pumped from sources into domestic taps.

South East Water explained: “When it’s hot and we’re all at home, water use soars.

“Last bank holiday weekend, our fantastic keyworkers pumped an extra 140 million litres of water through our network. 


“We understand the world we now live in is very different to before and although we’ve made plans covering the next 60 years of water use, as with everyone else, we could never have predicted this unprecedented situation which Covid-19 has brought about.

“The exceptional demand being placed on the water system, with everyone spending more time at home and particularly in the garden, combined with the hot weather is making our water network and teams work harder than ever.

Arlington Reservoir with plenty of water. Photo: 28.5.2020

“The water is available in our boreholes and key reservoirs, the problem we’re facing is that at times people are using water at a faster rate than we can pump it from our sources to customers’ taps.”

The company said staff worked “tirelessly” over the holiday weekend and would continue to work around the clock to look after the water network and ensure there was enough water to go around throughout the day.

Let your lawn go brown

It added: “We are asking everyone to help by taking two simple steps to be water aware – let your lawns go brown, and be proud of your dirty car.

“These two easy actions will help make sure there is enough water for our communities, while fighting the virus.”

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