Gridlock in Bell Lane at 6.30pm last night. Picture by Ian Ritchie who said it was a nightmare outside Uckfield Fire Station from 5-7pm.

Rush-hour traffic gridlocked by roadworks in Uckfield

Traffic was gridlocked in Uckfield last night (September 22) on the first day of the High Street roadworks.

roadworks gridlock

Congestion at the roundabout in Bell Lane, Uckfield, last night. Picture: Ian Ritchie.

The chaos spread along Bell Farm Road, the Bellbrook Business Park and the A22, where traffic was also at a halt.

Queues built up as soon as the rush-hour started and lasted into early evening. Progress was said to be no better than snail’s pace.

Drivers attributed the delays to the “improvements” going on between the Framfield Road junction with the High Street in Newtown and the traffic lights near Boots. The works are due to last until the end of November.

Traffic heading southbound is barred from the stretch of road and has to exit town via Bell Farm Road to reach the by-pass.

Problems on the buses

There were problems on the buses too. The 0749 to Crowborough did not show at all at The Highlands.

One traveller, Lynne Willcock, called the bus company who said the delay was due to roadworks. She caught the shuttle to the bus station to check for more information. There was no news.

Lynne caught the next bus to Crowborough and arrived at work 20 minutes late.

“Crucially, a colleague living in Lewes who catches the same timed bus as me tells me that the driver did not turn into Ridgewood but went along the by-pass into the bus station.”

On the return journey the 1720 bus arrived in Crowborough 15 minutes late and arrived at Uckfield bus station at 6pm.

Lynne said the shuttle bus was horrendously delayed due to the huge volume of diverted traffic. Rather than leave at 1805 it left at 1825 and arrived at The Highlands at 1850.

Lynne said she was hoping all bus drivers would know their routes today but asked why there was only one shuttle bus during the evening rush hour.

“The driver told me that the timetable is untenable at that time of night with only one of two timetabled journeys being achieved. It seems to me that planners have vastly under estimated the volume of traffic at that time of the day.”

More details on the roadworks here and here.

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